2019 Schedule

Full Schedule to be released by October 12

Thursday, October 31

Red Carpet Party
5:30 - 7 PM at Heritage Place, 412 N Live Oak, Rockport, TX

An al fresco cinematic experience, featuring food from local establishments: Paradise Key Bar & Grill, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and Mermaid’s. Enjoy refreshments and mingling with filmmakers and fellow cinephiles.

Thank you to our Hospitality Sponsor, Karen Mella, and our local restaurant sponsors.

Thank you to our Hospitality Sponsor, Karen Mella, and our local restaurant sponsors.


Opening Night Film Seadrift
7 - 9 PM at Heritage Place, 412 N Live Oak, Rockport, TX

Seadrift is a feature documentary that examines the shooting death of a crabber in a small fishing town during the early days of Vietnamese refugee arrival on the Texas gulf coast. Film crew and subjects are expected to be in attendance.

Directed by Tim Tsai. 100 minutes.

Friday, November 1

Morning Feature Finding Home in Boomtown
Noon - 2 PM at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

Finding Home In Boomtown | United States | Documentary Feature | 80 minutes | Directed by Matt Maxwell
Briana & John-Mark Echols’ dream is to build a tiny house community for the homeless of Midland - a West Texas oil town that is the nation’s 2nd wealthiest city. Filmed over a period of 2 years, our story starts as the Echols sell their newly built, custom home & most of their possessions, move into an RV & commit their lives to helping the homeless. As the story continues, the contrasting relationships (husband/wife, parents/children, affluent/homeless, culture/convictions) create the greatest tensions throughout.

Feature film will be proceeded by an animated short: S is for Superhero.


Shorts Program: Learn Something
2:30 - 4:30 PM at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

Artist's Block | United States | Animated Short | 3 minutes | Directed by Diego Lacámara
A long abandoned animated project comes to life to antagonize the artist into completing it.

A Matter Of Minutes | Texas | Documentary Short | 10 minutes | Directed by Justin Sweidel & Christopher Shepherd
18 year old Yves Bail had a stroke with a large vessel occlusion. Thanks to the quick actions of the medical professionals at HCA Houston Healthcare, they were able to save Yves’s life and prevent severe brain damage.

Mack Minded: Humanly Possible | Texas | Documentary Short | 8 minutes | Directed by Susan Carol Davis
Before the acronym STEM even existed, Dr. Pauline Beery Mack, Texas Woman’s University professor in the 1950s-1970s, pioneered in the quest for knowledge in science, technology and statistical research.

Igniting Hope | Texas | Documentary Short | 8 minutes | Directed by Samuel Z. P. Thomas
Gallery owner, Rebekah Hagman, and area artists come together for an art exhibition to support UnBound, a global charity that activates local communities to fight human trafficking.

Children's Pool | United States | Documentary Short | 19 minutes | Directed byToby Gad
Controversy surrounds community efforts to protect the seal pups who have made a home at the Children's Pool, a public beach area in San Diego.

Doc & Martha | United States | Documentary Short | 26 minutes | Directed by Greg Pasztor
A couple has dedicated their lives to the ecology of Matagorda Island.

Horse Rich And Dirt Poor | United States | Short | 16 minutes | Directed by Ben Masters& Charles Post
Wild horses are caught between an incredibly polarized and emotionally charged debate aiming to write their future in the American West.

Afternoon Feature Rustic Oracle
5 - 7 PM at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

Rustic Oracle | Canada | Feature | 102 minutes | Directed by Sonia Bonspille
Set in the late 90s, Rustic Oracle is a dramatic feature about Ivy, an 8-year-old girl trying to understand what happened to her big sister who has vanished from their small Mohawk community. With minimal clues, Ivy and her mother Susan embark on an unwelcome journey to find Heather which will ultimately bring the pair closer together despite challenging circumstances. Behind the story of desperation, told through the eyes of a child, lies one of hope, growth, awakening and love.


Evening Feature Cowboys
7:30 - 9:30 PM at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

COWBOYS documents the lives of the men and women working on "big outfit" cattle ranches. Narrated through first-hand accounts from the cowboys themselves, the story is steeped in authenticity and explores the rewards and hardships of a celebrated but misunderstood way of life and the challenges that lie ahead for the cowboys and ranches critical to providing the world's supply of beef.


Shorts Program: Keep on Keeping on
10 PM - Midnight at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

The Abyss (Of Everyone Else) | Texas | Fiction Short | 6 minutes | Directed by

Swagger Back | United States | Fiction Short | 11 minutes | Directed by George Kenyon
Can a veteran who has lost both his legs in combat get his swagger back?

Mini Fridge | United States | Student Film | 10 minutes | Directed by Tommy Vandesteene
Inspired by a true story, Jonathan, a Navy veteran, gets fired from his first real job after 12 years in the service.

Drive | United States | Student Film | 10 minutes | Directed by Tsvetalina Pourciau
What motivates you?

Wildflower | United States | Student Film | 6 minutes | Directed by Jumai Yusuf
In a dystopian future where racist white fear is weaponized, a young warrior must find the courage to lead her community.

Motivation Monday | United States | Student Film | 6 minutes | Directed by Kevin Nail
Following a fatal accident, a motivational podcaster struggles to balance life without his parents, caring for his younger sister, and finding the words to motivate his audience.

Horse Girl | United States | Student Film | 11 minutes | Directed by Jack Campise After she is betrayed by the creature she worships, a ten-year-old struggles to forget her past persona and overcome her fears.

Love Lives In A Void | United States | Fiction Short | 18 minutes | Directed by Johnny Zito
Krystal and Anthony embark on an exploration of a relationship within a void of imagination. Is heartbreak unavoidable and inevitable? If it is, will they still pursue love?

West Of Leona | Texas | Fiction Short | 14 minutes | Directed by Christopher Thompson
A man, his motorcycle, and the unforgiving terrain of West Texas.

Saturday, November 2

Morning Feature Nae Pasaran
Noon - 2 PM at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

Nae Pasaran | United Kingdom | Documentary | 96 minutes | Directed by Felipe Bustos
40 years after the defiant stand against Pinochet's dictatorship, Scottish factory workers discover the incredible impact of their action.


Shorts Program: Memories
2:30 - 4:30 PM at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

Laurie's Poem: A True Story | United States | Fiction Short | 7 minutes | Directed by Peggy Schott
An old woman vividly recalls a day from her adolescence. Featuring an autobiographical poem from the book "That Little Coker Boy", narrated by the author Laurie Coker.

Colors Run | United States | Student Film | 17 minutes | Directed by Olivia Carter
A broken old soul and a young imaginative girl for an unlikely friendship. She dreams of an imaginary circus while he dreams of getting out of this town to start a new. They never knew their paths would cross, much less they would save each other's lives.

The Scary Ham | United States | Fiction Short | 15 minutes | Directed by Sue Mroz
Two middle-aged sisters sorting through 50 years' worth of family memorabilia reconnect, as they contend with their late father's beloved ham.

All Güt Things: The Life And Death Of Texas German | United States | Documentary Short | 35 minutes | Directed by Chase Honaker
Texas German is a unique dialect that was once the first language of over 120,000 people. Today it's on the verge of extinction. We look at the Life and Death of the language and culture through the eyes of the last generation of native speakers and those trying to save it.

Plane Pretend | United States | Fiction Short | 18 minutes | Directed by Sharon Arteaga
Pilar and her brothers are ecstatic to take their first flight, but they must hide their excitement or risk revealing their undocumented status and being deported.

Afternoon Feature The River and the Wall
5 - 7 PM at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

The film follows five friends on an immersive adventure through the unknown wilds of the Texas borderlands as they travel 1200 miles from El Paso to the Gulf of Mexico on horses, mountain bikes, and canoes.


Evening Feature Easy Does it
7:30 - 9:30 PM at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

easy does it.jpg

Easy Does It | United States | Feature | 95 minutes | Directed by Will Addison
Two small-town buddies and their accidental hostage careen across the 1970s Southwest on a treasure hunt turned crime spree. Easy Does It is a freewheeling road adventure about unlikely friendships and the giddy futility of chasing the American dream.


Shorts Program: A Little Bit Weird
10 PM - Midnight at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

Swim Away | United States | Animation, Short, Student | 30 seconds | Directed by Kalen Sager

Why Haven't They Fixed The Cameras Yet? | United States | Short | 4 minutes | Directed by Travis White
Late at night, a woman leaves her holiday work party to discover the security cameras are still broken.

You And Yours | United States | Short | 24 minutes | Directed by Johnathon Holdforth & Taylor Washington
A penniless young man, desperate to secure a better life for his girlfriend and unborn child, entangles himself in the lonesome and crime-ridden ways of his estranged and volatile older brother.

America | United States | Short | 2 minutes | Directed by George ve Gänæaard & Horia Cucută
Frederik’s attempts at creating the safest place possible, where he is protected by his lovely walls in a room filled with guns.A story of uNRAveling.

Glossolalia | United States | Short | 11 minutes | Directed by Justin A. Rodriguez
Darkness follows an aspiring television faith healer who will do anything to be the best in Texas

Machismo | United States | Short | 18 minutes | Directed by Gabriel Duran
A couple days out of jail, Freddy is eager to show his new baby boy the ropes on how to be a man. But Freddy's Machismo ways gets him into something he wasn't expecting.

Zombie Bites Werewolf | United States | Short | 9 minutes | Directed by Charlie Anderson
A hapless werewolf is bitten by a zombie on the day of a full moon. High jinks ensue.

Medium Rare | United States | Animated Short | 4 minutes | Directed byLuca Cioci
Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.

Sunday, November 3

Shorts Program: Local Love
12:30 - 2 PM at Aransas County Airport, 421 John D Wendell Road, Rockport, TX

Attack Of The Clone | Rockprot | Student Short | 3 minutes | Directed by Shawn Hartin
An adviser watching over a laboratory and guards dangerous clones, who tries to escape their cells.

A Soldier’s Cry | Rockport | Fiction Short | 20 minutes | Directed by Victoria Roller
A soldier comes home after losing her friend to war. Feeling sad and emotionally alone she finds a young boy, that shows her the way to get help.

Cantina | Texas | Documentary, Short | 23 minutes | Directed by Erik Mauck
La Perla is the last Tejano bar on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Personal stories offer a glimpse into a rich and vibrant East Austin history and the impact of gentrification on long-time residents of the community.

The Cheech | Texas | Documentary Short | 11 minutes | Directed by Edward Tyndall

A Placement | United States | Short | 13 minutes | Directed by Allison Mabe
A teen girl tests the limits of her new foster family during her trial weekend.

El Oso Loco | Texas | Student Film | 6 minutes | Directed by Matthew Taylor
Alex Bardin has been a fan of monster trucks since he was a kid. Now he's one of the lucky few who gets to drive one.